Addresses for OpenGuild contracts and any relevant contracts/wallets we interact with
OpenGuild v1 is deployed on the Polygon network.
Contract Name
Stores protocol configuration, including the address of the treasury, the protocol's take rate, and whitelisted aggregate and invididual pools
A pool that allows allowlisted investors to invest into a basket of individual pools in return for yield from play-to-earn games
Yield Token ERC-20
Same as the aggregate pool contract; this contract holds balances for yield tokens used by investors to claim dividends from the aggregate pool
OpenGuild Escrow Multisig
This 2 of 4 multisig is controlled by OpenGuild and will unlock dividends reserved for guilds when they repay back investors
USDT ERC-20 Token
Address of the USDT token, which is used to invest and contribute back to OpenGuild