Crypto Gaming Guilds

Guilds are the ultimate recipients of the capital deposited by investors. They manage the capital on behalf of investors by investing in crypto assets and generating income. Guilds have autonomy to determine exactly how they want to deploy the capital but they are incentivized to return investor capital as fast as possible and maximize long term returns for investors.

How are guilds compensated?

Guilds are compensated by being paid a management fee and performance fee.

  • The management fee is 2% of the capital they receive. This is an upfront one-time payment when they withdraw capital from their individual pool.

  • The performance fee is a deferred 15% share of dividends (initially held in escrow), which effectively gives them 15% ownership of the portfolio they manage on behalf of investors but only when they return 100% of the capital that they received. The escrow incentivizes guilds to return investor capital as quickly as possible to unlock their accrued dividends and the 15% share of dividends aligns them with investors to maximize long term yield.

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