V1 Closed Alpha

The closed alpha launch in March 2022 consisted of a single aggregate pool called the P2E Yield Pool that was capped at 1 million USDT, with each individual investor being able to deposit a maximum of 50,000 USDT to receive an equivalent amount of warrant tokens called P2E Yield Tokens. The funds are managed by a small group of whitelisted guilds that went through a due diligence process conducted by OpenGuild Finance.

Getting Whitelisted as a Guild

In order for guilds to receive and manage investor capital through OpenGuild Finance, they went through a thorough diligence process before getting whitelisted.

Guilds were whitelisted based on a combination of their history of successfully managing P2E scholarship programs (creditworthiness) and public reputation in the crypto gaming community (trustworthiness). In V1, the diligence process was conducted by the P2E Yield Pool (aggregate pool) manager, OpenGuild Finance. OpenGuild interviewed each guild and reviewed information requested from them before requiring qualified guilds to sign a legal contract and verifying the identity of the guild managers.

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