V1 Public Alpha

Following the launch of the P2E Yield Pool in closed alpha, we will be launching additional pools in public alpha. There will be one Small Cap pool that will be managed by smaller guilds and another Mid to Large Cap pool that will be managed by larger guilds. The main difference between these pools and the P2E Yield Pool is the selection process for guilds to be whitelisted. There will also be no limit on the amount of capital that can be deposited into the pools or a limit on the maximum amount each investor can deposit.

Getting Whitelisted as a Guild

In order for guilds to receive and manage investor capital in the public alpha pools, they must be selected by the community before going through KYC and signing legal contracts with OpenGuild Finance.

  1. Guilds will confirm their interest in participating in the pools by signing up

  2. All guilds that have signed up will be voted on in the OpenGuild Finance Discord. The guilds are responsible for soliciting votes for themselves

  3. The 10 guilds with the most votes in each category (Small Cap and Mid to Large Cap) will be the ones that get selected to manage the capital in the pools

  4. Each selected guild manager will sign a legal contract agreeing to the arrangement of the pool and submit their government issued ID and proof of address as part of KYC.

The rationale for this selection process is that guilds that get the most votes are likely to have the strongest reputations to protect, which is one of the most important factors for minimizing the chances of a rug pull given the trust based nature of the pools. Guilds can either encourage their own community to vote for them or receive votes from unrelated parties who are in the OpenGuild Finance Discord. Receiving votes from their own community shows that the guild has a large and engaged community which is a strong signal for their reputation and votes from unrelated parties is a sign of the broader gaming community’s confidence in them. We have two pools targeting different sized guilds to give smaller guilds with strong communities an opportunity to receive and manage capital as well.

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